Essential Tools and Services for the Travelling Entrepreneur or Project Manager.

We’ve created this review site as the people in our teams at, and are constantly on the move around the globe on various assignments and they use a broad range of tools, products and services to get their jobs done. For example I’ve just come back from a 6 week project management job in South East Asia where I was working in 3 countries we have just funded called Youth Social Entrepreneurs Initiative (YSEI)

During this trip I used over 50 services and products. Some of which worked really well as a product and some which worked really badly as a service. Now we're writing reviews about all of these areas in order to provide more information to our team members so they can save money and get the right information. For example on the last trip I used these products and services:

Travel agencies, airlines, bus agencies, ferry companies, credit cards, overseas banks, laptops including a Panasonic toughbook, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones, mobile carriers, hotels, security services, ISPs, food outlets, translation services, bookstores, airport transfer services.....

...….and frankly about another 30 products and services which we'lll add reviews on in the coming weeks.

I traveled over 30,000 kilometres on that trip so as you can see it helps to know a bit about the services and products you are using as if things go wrong (which they invariably do ie lost baggage in Cambodia) you want to know beforehand that you have chosen a good company to buy your stuff from.

We rank simply like this........ 5 Star is naturally great. 1 Star is avoid this service!:

online reviews
best reviews
reviews and news
bad reviews

All of our team will be adding their reviews and comments on over the coming months for two reasons:

1) We want to cut down our costs and share information amongst our own team members about what travel company is best to use in say, South East Asia, which airline to fly with, what hotel to stay in, what digital camera equipment is most reliable, what laptop works best in arduous conditions, what credit card gives you the most protection and much more.

2) We want to be able to share this information with other people like you who travel a lot in order to help you make the right decision when you purhcase your next product or service online.

Best Regards
Simon Healy

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